Halloween Party Planning - Three Scary Good Party Types

EEK! October is quickly approaching, and that means Halloween time is just around the corner. Easily one of the BEST holidays of the year, October 31st is a night in which we all get to pretend to be someone (or something) else, gorge on candy, and sip on a scary-good Halloween themed cocktail if we are of age.

Perhaps for thisholiday you have decided to throw a bash in celebration. If so, good news for you! Planning for an upcoming Halloween party or outing doesn't have to be frightening. Let our Halloween party types and ideas help to ease your mind, and ensure you have a ghoulish time.

Check out these three types of parties to simply die for.

Girl's (Ghoul's)  Night Out


Sometimes all we went to do for Halloween is dress up in an epic costume and hit the town with our most beloved girls! Many restaurants and bars offer Halloween parties on 10/31, with live bands or DJs, costume contests, and Halloween themed drinks.

One of the perks of organizing an outing versus hosting is there will be ZERO clean up for you. Simply show up, party, and peace out without lifting a finger. That means no doing dishes or wiping down tables afterwards.

If this is your scene, snag our "Ghoul's Night Out" customized party invitations in the quantity you need. 


Kid's Boo - Bash

Kids of all ages absolutely love Halloween, and often count down the days until they can throw on the costume they so eagerly picked out. Organize a good old fashioned kid-friendly party at your home or venue of your choice!

There are a number of fun activities and treats to incorporate into your bash to fit the All Hallow's Eve theme. Some ideas you can whip up in a snap include:

  • Bobbing for apples
  • Pin the bowtie on the skeleton
  • Ice cream bar - complete with Halloween inspired toppings (think black and orange sprinkles)
  • Pumpkin decorating contest
  • Costume contest with small prize giveaways
  • Overall, Pinterest will become your best friend for other treat and activity ideas

The kid's will absolutely die for this type of bash.


Family Friendly 

A good majority of your friends and family have kids of their own, and tend to seek out Halloween parties in which all of the family can join in on. This is why many people opt for a "family friendly" party where every ghoul and boy can attend.

If you decide to host a family friendly party, simply mix and match some of the ideas above to concoct the perfect potion (we mean party).  For example, make sure you have a few fun activities for the kid's to participate in while also having a signature cocktail or punch bowl for the adults. You can even book a DJ if it's in the budget for everyone to get down to.

All of the above invitation designs are completely unique to Paper Hive Studio and customizable, with your Halloween event details added in.

Happy (early) Halloween! Ready, set, plan.


Paper Hive Studio

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