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June 2017 Blog Post

 “Creative Ways to Save Money on Baby’s First Birthday”

It’s almost here! You’re little one’s first birthday is quickly approaching, and you are frantically pinning all of the trendiest party themes and ideas to your inspiration board. The more you keep pinning, the more you are realizing the dollar signs are quickly adding up. You pretty much need a Beyonce-sized budget to afford the 5 star elaborate event you have created.

Planning baby’s party should be fun and exciting for you, so let us drop some knowledge on creative ways to save some dough.

1. Skip the venue and hold a backyard party

It may seem like the party will only be everything you want it to be if you rent out that pricey venue. However, chances are you can transform your own backyard into a whimsical wonderland full of fun and adventure for your little one. Save a ton of money by foregoing a venue and getting creative. It may require a little more work, but so worth it in the end.

2. Order invites online

Save time and money by ordering party invitations online. Instead of handwriting the event information over and over again (and downing a whole bottom of wine in the process), place an order with a click of a button. Need some inspiration? Take a peak here! [Hyperlink to Paper Hive website OR Etsy store]

3. Get inspired with “DIY” crafts

With social media and the world-wide-web, it is easier than ever to get inspired to create your own goodies and other elements for you little one’s first birthday. Once you have decided on a theme, you can 100% call some girlfriends over and go to town on center pieces, high chair banners, and cake toppers to add personal touches to the party. Check out Pinterest for endless ideas.

4. Skip store bought games

Not only will you save money on skipping store bought games, but you will also be able to completely customize the games to your theme! Having a Unicorn-themed first birthday? Spray paint some old coffee ground tins with gold-glitter and tie colorful ribbon around them. Then complete the look with gold painted baseballs for lawn bowling. *Mind blown*

5. Make the cake

Okay so you REALLY want that $95 dollar custom cake from the bakery down the street. While it’s completely okay to splurge a tiny bit (this day only comes around once-in-a-lifetime after all) you can save some money by baking a cake at home.  Make it festive with lots of sprinkles and fun candles, or throw on some fresh flowers for a more sophisticated look. At the end of the day, your kid is going to smash it anyway.

6. Take others up on their offer to help out

If Grandma offers to bring appetizers and Dad can build something rather than buying, take them up on it! Not only will you save money but having the extra help with also take some stress off of you. Instead of booking that expensive photographer have your niece who recently graduated art school take the pics. Little wins here and there will definitely add up.

Now go get back to planning that first birthday party, Momma!

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