Bride On A Budget: 5 Creative Ways To Save On Key Elements For Your Big Day!

Nothing is quite as exciting as getting engaged! The minute that sparkly diamond (the one you strategically circled in the magazine and left open on the coffee table) is placed delicately on your ring finger, you are ready to plan. You immediately begin fantasizing about your big day: the venue, décor, color scheme, the wedding stationery....the list goes on and on.

You create your dream wedding a la Pinterest board, and are 99.9% sure you have nailed every detail (go you!). As you review your work, you find you have ultimately dreamt up a ceremony and reception fit for royalty, with the budget to match. Your dream bubble is popped and you fall back down to reality *cue mascara running down face*.

We have good news though. Lucky for you, throwing a reception and ceremony tailored to your taste does not have to cost you a fortune. Check out some helpful ways to save money on your wedding. Your wallet will thank you!


1. Wedding Stationery

Unique wedding invitations are quickly becoming a must-have, with each couple wanting to out do the next. Invites are the first impression guests will receive, and they will ultimately set the tone for your big day. Sure, you want to make a statement while providing a glimpse of what the theme will be, and you want to make it count. However, you don’t need a custom wrapped box with emerging white doves or a customized iPad hand delivered to each guest to do this.

Ditch the over-the-top gimmicks and get back to the basics – classic paper wedding stationery with nearly any design imaginable right at your fingertips. That’s right! With the world of unique and customizable online designs increasingly growing in popularity, brides on a budget can easily secure wedding invites that fit their taste and theme, while saving major dough as well. Online design boutiques allow you to search themes and layouts at your leisure.

Need some convincing? Take a peek at our newest wedding collections.

Budget savvy tip: Save $$ on postage by skipping the RSVP card, instead have guests RSVP online or via e-mail. Check out for a free wedding website with guest list management tools.  


 2. Flowers & Arrangements

Purchasing flower arrangements for your ceremony and reception are one of the elements that can end up costing a fortune. With so many choices and elaborate add-ons, brides can easily get caught up in the idea of needing separate arrangements for each portion of the day.

However, to save money brides can simply recycle the flower arrangements and décor from the ceremony, and have them migrated over to the reception, all while everyone else is enjoying cocktail hour. For example, if you plan to have flower arrangements lining the aisle, repurpose those same flowers for the centerpieces at dinnertime.

Want another flower pro-tip? Utilize greenery and foliage! This route is also very inexpensive and will provide for a lush look at the same time.


3. Wedding Dresses

Okay, so we know your wedding dress is the one item you are most likely willing to “splurge” on, but wouldn’t it be nice to still save some cash on your dress if you are able to?

When shopping around for your gown at the various boutiques you may visit, ask the consultant if they have a “sample for sale” of the dress you have been eyeing. The sample dress is the one used/displayed for other brides to try on, and stores often phase out samples to make room for newer styles and inventory. You could snag a designer dress for cheap!

Some other ways to save on your dress include:

  • Checking out a local sample sale
  • Renting a gown and returning it (for those who are non-sentimental about their dress)
  • Second-hand dresses from sites like EBay


Budget savvy tip: Some our favorite retailers (think JCrew and Anthropologie) offer gorgeous wedding dress options at a fraction of the price you would pay at a designer bridal boutique.


 4. The Venue

Many couples find themselves working tirelessly to find their dream venue that still fits within their budget. Before venturing out to tour possible locations, keep a few of these tricks in mind to help keep costs down:

  • Consider getting married on a Friday or Sunday. Venues usually offer discounted rates on these days!
  • Hold your ceremony and reception at the same venue
  • Score a venue that doesn’t force you to use their vendors. This is a HUGE one, as you will then be able to dictate the DJ and caterer that fits within your budget

    Venue pro-tip: Choose a wedding venue that has a lot of built in décor and eye candy. This will equate to less money spent on flowers and decorations!


     5. Skip The Cake

    Wedding cakes can often costs thousands of dollars, with many guests opting out of having a slice. Instead, consider the following fun alternatives for guests to enjoy (while saving dough at the same time):

    • Doughnut bar or wall
    • Candy buffet
    • Cupcakes
    • Mini pies
    • Ice cream buffet


      Don’t worry, you can still order a small cake for you and your hubby to cut!

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