5 Trendy Baby Shower Games

Measuring the mother-to-be’s bump with pink or blue ribbon, cringing while you smell melted chocolate bars nestled within tiny diapers to guess the flavor….. we’ve all been there a time or two. Playing the cliché baby shower games can be fun for some, but they can also become overly cheesy and mundane.

Let’s spice up your girl’s baby shower by incorporating some fresh and trending games that everyone will want to play!


Name That “Baby” Tune

Let’s be honest, everyone loves to listen to and sing along with a good jam. So why not incorporate songs with the word “baby” into your shower. Want to know how to play?

Have the person throwing your shower create a playlist on Spotify or Pandora to play during the game. Each song title should include the word “baby” within it. Here are some creative examples:

  • Baby One More Time – Britney Spears
  • Always Be My Baby – Mariah Carey
  • Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice

You can also include song titles with the word “girl” or “boy” depending on what Mama is expecting.

Give each guest a pen & paper (there are printable designs available online as well if you are seeking a pre-made form) and allow them 10 seconds to listen to the song before pressing pause and asking them to write down the title. 

The person who gets the most song title names correct wins!


Let’s Make A Baby!

Allow your shower guests to show their artistic side by having them make babies – out of PlayDoh that is.

Set aside some space at your shower to place signage explaining how the game will work, along with the supplies needed. Each guest will be tasked with grabbing one (1) can of colored PlayDoh as they walk into the shower, and they will need to create a baby out of the dough, a build-a-baby challenge if you will.

The Mama-to-be will walk around to judge the creations, and she will then select the most creative baby creator, who will receive a prize.


Diaper Raffle

We don’t think this one is going out of style any time soon.

As most of us know, the cost of diapers for little ones can get crazy expensive. To help out the expecting Mama, it has become tradition for guests to bring packs of diapers in exchange for raffle tickets for a chance to win prizes drawing during the shower. In doing so, expecting mothers can often times receive enough diapers to last an entire year, as guests will bring diapers varying in size.

How do you make sure guests know you will be holding a diaper raffle ahead of time? We got you covered! Take a peak at our Diaper Raffle insert designs here.



Advice & Wishes For Baby

New moms are always seeking advice from those who have already had kids. Help her avoid 2am phone calls and asking endless questions about baby by leaving her advice and sweet notes on what to expect.

This is an activity that all shower guests can participate in, no matter if they have children or not. Have all guests place their card into a box when they are finished writing, and draw one card at the end of the shower for a prize.


Incorporate Social Media

Everyone is ALWAYS on their phone, and this makes for the perfect opportunity for guests to help capture pictures of you and the shower activities throughout the day.

If guests are Instagram savvy, provide signage with the #hashtag you want to use for your shower (example: BabyMakesThree2017), and encourage them to take pictures while using the hashtag. The most creative picture at the end of the shower wins a prize, and you have more pictures to look back on. #WinWin


Happy Planning! 

Are you or someone you know having a baby shower soon? Check out our assortment of original invites!


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